Tsukiji Outer Fish Market and Sushi Workshop

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A professional chef will show you how to make sushi, which you can then enjoy for lunch.
Tour Code: CUL220

Tour Details


Original Schedule : Tsukiji

9:00 AM Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal foot
Daimon Station train Tsukiji Shijo Stationfoot Tsukiji Outer Fish Market (45 min) foot
Experience sushi making and tasting (90 – 120 min) foot
1:00 PM The tour will end upon arrival at Tsukiji Station

Alternative Schedule : Ginza

  Tsukiji Station  train Ginza-itchome Station
Experience sushi making and tasting (90-120 min) foot
1:00 PM Ginza Station


Pick up Services in Tokyo 2016

Rated in Malaysia Ringgit (RM)
Tour Code Adult Child
(6 - 11 years old)
Free Pick up 
CUL220 RM 566 RM 527
  1. Public transportation will be used. Exercise caution at the fish market as many vehicles will be making rounds
  2. Please note the tuna auction cannot be observed on this tour
  3. Participants may be grouped with others for the sushi workshop
  4. The sushi workshop location is subject to change (to Ginza). Refer to the itinerary for potential changes in schedule.
  5. Vegetarian meals not available
  6. Raw fish may be prepare using a kitchen knife.
  7. Booking for children under 6 years of age cannot be accepted for this tour.
  8. Raw fish will be prepared by hand to make sushi, Note the ingredients used may vary day to day.
  9. Please note that requests related to food allergies cannot be accepted.
  10. Reservation Possible Until: 3 days before (business days)..
  11. Reservations may be made from three months before your desired date of departure.

  12. Additional unavailable dates may apply depending on the schedule of the supplier of the workshop.


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