Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...
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Blessed with magnificent mountains and beautiful lakes, and surrounded on three sides by the sea.
All seasons have different faces, wind, smell, view, people, and everything that you will be surprised.
Welcome to our fantastic country, JAPAN.
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A professional chef will show you how to make sushi, which you can then enjoy for lunch. Tour Code: CUL220


This is a highlight tour of Tokyo including cruise around Tokyo Bay, visit Odaiba and a drive crossing Rainbow Bridge. Enjoy both the traditional and modern culture of Tokyo on this 1-day tour. Tour Code: A070


Experience the natural wonders and history of Nikko with a visit to the spiritual Nikko Toshogu shrine World Heritage site, the mesmerizing 97 meter high Kegon Falls, and beautiful Lake Chuzenji. Tour Code: F300, F300W


This tour includes travel by bus from Tokyo, a guided of Nikko Toshogu Shrine and plenty of free time to explore Edo Wonderland historical theme park before returning to Tokyo by train. You will enjoy a ninja show and the fascinating townscape of the Edo era! Tour Code: F310

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