Overseas Tour

For your endless journey with J-Horizons Travel Malaysia, discover your new destinations here.

Departure from Malaysia to other countries

Malaysia is actually one of the hub country to travel all around Asia and the whole world. If you are planning a trip, please let us share the various informations with you.
We are very flexible and friendly. Please let us know what you are looking for and we'll find you a better choice such as Flight ticket, Hotel, Tours, Travel Insurance and so on. Feel free to visit our office or call to our general line for further details.

Here you go, these are our recommended destinations

It is very convenient to visit other countries from Malaysia. For instance, you can visit Indonesia with just 2 hours and Thailand is 1hour to access. Now, J-Horizons Travel Malaysia recommends new overseas destinations for your holiday. Have you ever been to another country and feel new culture and nature? We have various plans for you. Below plans are our best recommendation.

Best place to enjoy holiday

It is time to spend your time with your friends, family, and loved ones. We are familiar with spot from popular place to secret area. We have taken care of many customers before and their voice is very important to us. Therefore, we know many recommended spot to enjoy your time. Here is our recommended tour for your holiday.

Other Tours

Other than above tours, J-Horizons Travel Malaysia has various tours for you. If you would like to try going to overseas, do not worry about anything and we are happy to support your journey. Here is more information of tours.

Would you like to see more overseas tours? We have various way to support your travel. Click below bottom to confirm more tour details and please be sure to travel insurance before going abroad. If you have any questions, please call, email, or go to online contact form.