What is Tokyo Rail Days?

Tokyo Rail Days are the brand of railway travelling starting from Tokyo. It is a cooperation between JR EAST, the biggest Japanese railway transportation company in the world and many travel agents. Convenient and good value for money with railway package tours and the set of enjoyable activities for you in many tourist places and it is safe because you can apply here from Malaysia. No matter you go for one day trip or stay overnight, you can enjoy delicious food, shopping or appreciate beautiful nature of Japan. Let's go with Tokyo Rail Days. Start from Tokyo and go!

Tokyo Rail Days Service

If you have plan to visit Tokyo, it's very worthwhile because you can enjoy unlimited travels with Shinkansen and train. Here is main 2 services. You are free to change or add the routes when you have reached Japan.

What is Kanto and Tohoku Buffet?

These series let you enjoy your personal travel easily and conveniently while use unlimited ride pass. KANTO area is location of Japanese capital Tokyo and TOHOKU area is long vast area in north-south located between Hokkaido and KANTO. TOHOKU has sakura, snow, autumn leaves and of course delicious food. Also spread over beautiful landscape. Supporting travelers from Asia, all courses come with guidebook so that even if you have language barrier, you can still be joyous.

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Price and Schedule

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