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JAPAN RAIL PASS, called JR PASS, is the best way to travel in Japan by train effectively.
This special pass is used by only foreign visitors and UNLIMITED use of trains for maximums 3 weeks. Japanese residence is not allowed to use it because of this special rate. Train is very common way for transporting in Japan easy to access anywhere.

The JAPAN RAIL PASS is offered by the six companies that make up the Japan railways group (JR Group).
*Please be aware, however, that some restrictions apply. The pass is not valid for “NOZOMI” and “MIZUHO” trains on the Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen lines.

JR Hokkaido

JR East

JR Central

JR West

JR Shikoku

JR Kyushu

Before buying JAPAN RAIL PASS, carefully check the following to make sure

The clerk at the location where you purchase your Exchange Order will explain the eligibility requirements for the JAPAN RAIL PASS. Be sure that you understand these requirements before purchasing an Exchange Order.
In the event that you are unable to receive a PASS because you fail to meet the eligibility requirements, the JR Group is not liable for any charges or fees associated with your use of JR lines while in Japan.
• If you are unable to receive a PASS, you can return your Exchange Order to the overseas travel agency from which you purchased it for a refund. (Fees apply.)
• If you have any questions about the Exchange Order, please inquire directly them to the travel office where you made the purchase.

You are a foreign tourist visiting Japan from abroad for sight-seeing, under the entry status of "temporary visitor."
Temporary Visitor entry status, according to Japanese Immigration Law, allows a stay in Japan of 15 days or 90 days for "sight-seeing, etc."
If you apply for a "stay for sight-seeing" when you enter Japan, entry personnel will stamp your passport as "Temporary Visitor," as shown below. *In order to receive or use JAPAN RAIL PASS, your passport must bear this stamp or sticker.

You are a Japanese national living outside of Japan who meets the following conditions.
a. who has the right of permanent residence in that country.
b. who is married to a non-Japanese residing in a country other than Japan.
Note: Present the following documentation along with your Japanese passport when you purchase the Exchange Order and when you exchange it for a

Persons meeting condition (a) must provide written proof of the following:
- Right of permanent residence*
- That they are living in a country other than Japan

Persons meeting condition (b) must provide written proof of the following:
- That they are married to a foreign national
- That they are living in a country other than Japan
- That their spouse (a foreign national) is living outside Japan

If an applicant is unable to provide written proof that he or she meets condition (a) or (b) and the clerk is unable to verify compliance using electronic data or other means, the PASS may be denied.

Before using JAPAN RAIL PASS and going to JAPAN, please make sure above conditions and feel free to ask us further questions.
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