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Enjoy your trip with unlimited rides on all Shinkansen and other JR (Japan Rail) trains!

How do you travel all over Japan from Tokyo? In Japan, train is very Convenient and reasonable for travel, especially by special bullet train called Shinkansen, which is very fast to reach your destination. Here is the deal! Overseas travelers are able to use rail passes to travel all over Japan with flat price and unlimited ride! This special offer is only valid for people from overseas.
Don't miss your chance and make a memorable trip with top value and flexible JR PASSES.

Now, Tokyo Rail Days and Japan Rail Passes are helpful to you.
Find out more information before you travel to Japan.

What is Tokyo Rail Days?

Tokyo Rail Days is the "short trips" by train departing from Tokyo. It is a cooperation between JR-EAST, the biggest Japanese railway transportation company in the world and many travel agents.
Train-using and activity plans at destination areas are included together in any products of the brand.
Therefore, one can feel it so easy to plan and cost-saving!
What is more, it is po vation at travel agencies in Malaysia before coming to Japan.

Purchase possible before
coming to Japan

Stress-free by train!

Lots of fun
at sightseeing spots

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What is JAPAN Rail Pass?

JAPAN RAIL PASS, a joint offering of the six companies comprising the Japan Railways Group (JR Group), is the most economical means of travelling throughout Japan by rail. There are some restrictions on use; for example, JAPAN RAIL PASS cannot be used for travel on NOZOMI and MIZIJHO trains on the Tokaido, Sanyo, and Kyushu Shinkansen lines.
The JAPAN RAIL PASS is a special fare ticket that is available only to travelers visiting Japan from foreign countries for sightseeing.
With this fixed price, you can access to all JR group area with unlimited ride with JR.
In Japan, there are 6 JR groups corporate together and you can enjoy Japan trip with all JR trains here.

JR Hokkaido

JR East

JR Central

JR West

JR Shikoku

JR Kyushu

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